Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hot Tropic

This outfit practically screams, "I'm on vacation" or "I'm going on vacation". Nevertheless, do not be fooled, for I have the utmost privilege of working endlessly in retail this wondrous summer. But, hey, a girl can dream of palm trees and sipping coconut drinks in the tropics.

Blue is definitely my go-to color when I'm not adorning the hundreds of black clothing items in my closet. Regardless of the shade of blue, the color still complements my skin tone and highlights my tan brilliantly. Finding the color that you feel goes best with your skin tone may depend on whether you have warm or cool tones, but it's also dependent on trial-and-error. You can find thousands of factual articles that tell you this color goes best with this skin tone, etc., but if you don't like that color, then those articles are completely useless. Find a color that is consistent throughout your wardrobe that highlights your body and most importantly, makes you feel confident whenever it's on you. Thanks again for checking out my blog and have a great week!


Necklace - Forever 21
Sheer Collared Shirt - Express
Floral Dress - H&M
Wedges - BCBGgeneration

Photo Credits: Joanna Bak - the Tecnotik

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