Monday, May 05, 2014

Finals Countdown

Brace yourselves, finals week is heading in our direction at full velocity. Continuous coffee runs, all-nighters, presentation rehearsals, messy buns, Old Navy flip flops, and high school sweatpants cover the campus, but I was still able to squeeze in some time for an outfit post. 

I know you all obviously came to read paragraphs upon paragraphs about my outfit (sarcasm), but I'll leave you be to your finals' studies or whatever other endeavors you are currently trekking through. Just know that I'm absolutely obsessed with these new ankle strap heels of mine and they will definitely be reappearing in future outfits. Good luck and thank you again for checking out my blog!


Chain Necklace - Express
Hooded Cardigan - H&M
Babydoll Tank - Express
Ankle Strap Heels - Chinese Laundry 

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